Shared Ownership Homeowner Administration Fees

Administrative charges are charges for services which are individual to a leaseholder or homeowner. They’re payable in addition to any service charge or rent you pay (if applicable), for services received by you either directly or indirectly, including:

The grant of approvals under your lease or applications for such approvals

For, or in connection with, the provision of information or documents

Costs arising in connection with a breach (or alleged breach) of your lease

As these charges apply to an individual homeowner they are applied individually. Administration charges are payable in advance.


Consents: Fee

Consent to further advance/postponement of charge

If you wish to take out a further advance on your property you must obtain our consent. We have to provide certain information to your mortgage provider and we charge a fee for this.

£150 + legal fees

Consent to re-mortgage

If you wish to re-mortgage you must obtain our consent. We have to provide certain information to your mortgage provider and we charge a fee for this.

£150 + legal fees with no additional borrowing

£200 + legal fees with additional borrowing

Consent to Sublet

An admin charge applies each time you let your property to new tenant, this is so we can update our records. If you fail to notify us that you have sublet this fee is doubled.

Note Shared Ownership leases prohibit subletting


£100.00 for retrospective consent for failure to notify

£10 for lodger letter – SO only

Consent to improvements

Under the terms of your lease, you must ask for permission before you make any improvements to your home. If you do not ask for permission and we have to inspect and/ or put something right, we will charge extra for this.


  • Admin Fee - £50
  • Retrospective consent -£500
  • Pre-inspection - £100
  • Additional inspections - £50
  • Additional fees - Variable

Shared Ownership Only


Reservation Fee

Non-refundable fee to reserve your plot. If the sale is completed this will be taken off the final sale price



Resales Fee

Fee payable upfront  to process your resale (non-refundable)

£270 initial

+legal fees up to max of 1% of % sold

Downward Staircasing (Flexible Tenure)

If you find yourself in financial difficulty and need to sell back shares in your property


Assignment Fee

Reasonably and properly incurred administrative costs and expenses not exceeding 1% of the consideration received by the Leaseholder for the assignment

1% of the consideration received by the Leaseholder less the £270 for a resale as above

Staircasing Admin Fee

Payable each time you staircase

£270 + valuation fees

Notice of Freehold

When you have staircased to 100% this fee applies to register the charge at the land registry

Current land registry fee
General Charges:  

Pre sale queries – initial

When you decide to sell your home we are asked to provide information regarding the property to your solicitor. The administration charge for answering these questions is payable by the current leaseholder.

£200 express service (5 working days)

£150 standard service (10 working days)

Solicitors Queries – Each Additional

£15 each question outside the initial pre sale query

Notice of Assignment

On completion of the resale the new purchaser will be required to pay an assignment fee to cover our cost of registering the transfer.


Notice of Mortgage


£50 or as specified in the lease

Notice of Charge

A Notice of Charge is the notification sent to the landlord/management company providing details of any mortgages on the property. This is so that if

you fail to pay ground rent or service charges we can notify the lender to request payment.

£50 or as specified in the lease

Certificate of Compliance

Enfranchisement,  Freehold Purchase & Lease Extension:  
If you want to purchase the freehold, enfranchise, or extend your lease we charge fees. These vary depending on the property.  
  • General Fees
  • Admin Fees
  • Deposit (freehold purchase)
  • Deposit (lease extension - formal)
  • Deposit (lease extension - informal)
  • Valuation + legal fees
  • £270
  • x3 annual rent
  • 10% of the premium or £250 whichever is greater
  • £150
Lease Amendments:   

Deed of variation

To vary a clause of the lease


+ Plus fees, disbursements and VAT

Deed of Covenant

Where the title requires the leaseholder to enter into a Deed of Covenant (agreeing to accept the terms of the lease), a charge to cover the cost of registering the deed and signing and sealing will be applied.

£100 + legal fees

Amendment to Restriction

Some leases contain a clause that restricts the leaseholder’s ability to transfer the lease. If you intend to sell, this restriction must be lifted and the correct one applied.

£100 + legal fees

Changing parties to a lease


Updating our records

For example to change the correspondence address

Additional Services:  

Copy lease

£30 if we hold a copy

£50 if we don’t hold a copy

Copy rent /service charge statement

£10 each copy

Copy year-end account

£25 each year
Copy insurance summary of cover £10
Printed copy lease holder handbook £15
Duplicate letter/documents £10 each
Replacement fob or keys £25 +£5 admin fee
Replacement car park permit £15 + £5 admin fee

Reference for rent or service charge payments


Permission to keep a pet

Copy EPC

£60 if we hold a copy

£70 if we don’t hold a copy

Breach of Lease:  

Section 146 (forfeiture)

£75 + legal fees

Failed Direct Debit £15
Missed or late payment £15
ASB / Nuisance letter

£15 per letter + legal fees

ASB / Nuisance visit

£35 per visit + legal fees
Garden / Property Maintenance Letter £15 per letter
Arrears letters £20 each letter
Any other breach of lease

£50 for each breach

£25 for each notification/letter or action until the breach remedied