Key information about Shared Ownership.

Unlocking the door to Shared Ownership

At Gecko Homes, we understand that buying a home is one of the most significant decisions you'll ever make. That's why we're committed to making the process as transparent and straightforward as possible. We believe in empowering potential buyers with the knowledge they need to make informed choices.

Introducing Shared Ownership Key Information Documents

Our Shared Ownership Key Information Documents (KIDs) are designed with you in mind. These documents serve as your trusty companions on your journey to shared ownership homeownership. They are a comprehensive resource, providing you with essential information about shared ownership, your rights as a buyer, and critical legal terms and conditions.

What's inside a Key Information Document?

Our KIDs cover the following key areas:

  1. Shared Ownership explained: Get a clear and concise explanation of what Shared Ownership is all about. Discover how it works and the benefits it can offer.

  2. Your rights as a buyer: Understand your rights, responsibilities, and what you can expect as a shared ownership homeowner. We believe in transparency and ensuring you know exactly where you stand.

  3. Financial information: Delve into the financial aspects of shared ownership. Learn about your mortgage, rent, and service charges, so you can budget with confidence.

  4. Maintenance and repairs: Explore what's involved in maintaining your shared ownership property. Know your responsibilities and what support you can expect from Gecko Homes.

  5. Legal terms and conditions: Navigate the legal landscape with ease. Our KIDs break down the essential terms and conditions so that you're fully aware of your obligations and entitlements.

Why choose Gecko for Shared Ownership?

When you choose Gecko Homes for shared ownership, you're not just buying a property; you're gaining a partner. We're dedicated to ensuring your homebuying experience is as smooth as possible. Our Shared Ownership KIDs are just one example of our commitment to transparency and customer empowerment.

Ready to dive in?

If you're ready to take the first step toward shared ownership, our KIDs are your gateway to understanding the process, your rights, and the finer details. The Key Information Documents do vary depending on the development and type of property you are buying. If you are unsure on the correct key information document for the development you are interested in, please head to our New Homes page and find the development you are interested in. We have included a link to the correct Key Information Document specific to that development. You can also ask our team if you are unsure. To read our Key Information Documents, please click the links below:

Still have questions?

We're here to help! If you have any questions or need further clarification after reading our Shared Ownership KIDs, don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable team. We're just a phone call or email away, ready to provide the support and information you need.