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If you’re searching for stylish, affordable Manchester and Cheshire rentals in the North West, register your interest to find out more about our range of apartments and houses to rent at affordable prices. Our locations are some of the best across Manchester and Cheshire.

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    Winning At Renting

    Say NO to inflated rates, flakey landlords, poor repairs, and silly rent hikes.

    Say YES to a trusted landlord, affordable monthly rent, fixed market rates, and tenant rights.

    Rent a house or apartment from us at Gecko and you get all the perks of a modern home and can be sure you’re not paying over the odds to live there.

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    Manchester & Cheshire

    Stylish Affordable Rentals

    Find out first when we have stylish properties to rent in Manchester and Cheshire.

    With houses and apartments in stylish and modern new-build developments and with homes with between one and four bedrooms available, be on our mailing list to be the first to know when they are available…  

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Why Rent With Gecko?

Rent with confidence from a reliable landlord. When you’re renting, you still want to feel safe and secure in your home. Renting a home from GECKO means you can rest assured that we’ll deal with any niggles. All of our homes available for rent are stylish and affordable, so you can be confident you’re moving into a modern and well-maintained place. And Gecko is part of Southway Housing Trust. We don’t take the profit we make out of the Trust. Instead, we put it back into providing more top-quality homes for people, where they want to live. Learn more about Winning At Renting With Geck and our not-for-profit approach here, or see what our customers say about our services. 

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