Our Gecko Team

At Gecko, we're more than just a brand; we're your dedicated team who are committed to helping you find the perfect home, providing top-notch customer care, and experiencing hassle-free property management and aftercare.

Together, we form the backbone of Gecko, and we're excited to be your partners on your journey to finding, securing, and cherishing your home. Get to know us better and experience the Gecko way – where we create communities where you'll want to live.


Gecko™ | Sales Team

Our sales and marketing experts are here to connect you with the home of your dreams. They're the architects of the exceptional Gecko experience. With all the information on our new homes available to buy and how Shared Ownership could help you get on the property ladder sooner than you thought, our Sales & Marketing team are ready to support you from when you show interest to when you move into your dream home. Whatever the question, we're here for you.

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Gecko™ | Customer Care

Introducing the Gecko Customer Care Team – your trusted partners for all things home-related. With unwavering dedication, we're here to ensure your home journey is smooth and your needs are met. From managing our developments to addressing your enquiries, we're your go-to experts, committed to enhancing your living experience. Feel free to reach out anytime; we've got you covered. Call us to discuss anything to do with your home and in an emergency too.

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GECKO Web Team (5)

Tom O'G™ | Senior Sales Advisor

Introducing Tom O'G, our Senior Sales Advisor at Gecko, hailing from the vibrant city of Manchester. Tom's journey within our team has been remarkable, and his dedication to his craft is evident in the exceptional level of customer service he provides. With an encyclopedic knowledge of the buying process, Tom is your trusted guide throughout your property journey. Beyond his professional expertise, he's a family-oriented individual, adding a warm and personal touch to every sale.

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GECKO Web Team (8)

Fiona™ | Sales Advisor

Meet Fi, our Chief Exec Award Winner and Section 106 Queen, with an extensive background in selling Shared Ownership homes, and she's the one we turn to for advice on all things Shared Ownership. Fi's intellect shines brightly within our team, and her knack for mentoring new staff members is invaluable. Not only is she incredibly helpful, but she also sweetens the work atmosphere with delightful treats. Fi's friendly and fun-loving nature has endeared her to many colleagues.

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Gemma G™ | Sales Advisor

Introducing Gemma G, our Cheshire-raised Sales Advisor, who combines the finesse of a master chef with the precision of a skilled architect, crafting homes that even the most discerning taste would savour. With her artistic flair and a keen eye for design, she turns bricks and mortar into works of art. Gemma's passion for perfection is like a meticulously tuned symphony, orchestrating every detail to create harmonious living spaces. Her commitment to creating dream homes is unmatched, making her the heart and soul of our property ventures.

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Liz F™ | Sales Admin

Introducing Liz F, our dedicated Sales Admin specialist, born and raised in the heart of Manchester. With an unwavering commitment to our team and buyers, Liz is the backbone of our operations. Her passion and diligence are second to none, ensuring that every customer receives unparalleled service and constant communication throughout their buying journey. Liz's roots in Manchester run deep, and her hometown pride shines through in her work.

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Christina T™ | Sales & Marketing Manager

Meet Christina T, our Sales & Marketing Manager, the creative visionary behind our success in selling homes and elevating the profile of Shared Ownership. She's the driving force behind our new brand identity and is dedicated to ensuring that every step of the customer's journey, from the initial enquiry to post-purchase, is nothing short of exceptional. Christina is an invaluable asset to our team and a trusted advocate for our homeowners.

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