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Whether you’re trying to create your own #UrbanJungle, or just want something to add interest to an empty shelf, houseplants are the perfect housemate.  

Far from just being the thing your nana tended to on her kitchen windowsill, these days indoor houseplants are a key part of interior décor. (See TikTok if you need any evidence). So what at the best indoor plants for your apartment in 2024? 

The benefits of having plants indoors

We don’t all have the luxury (or the chore, depending on how you look at it) of having a garden and not every apartment has a balcony, so indoor plants are a great alternative. You can buy fairly realistic-looking fake ones from places like Dunelm and B&M, but you’d be missing out on the key health benefits that having the real thing deliver.  

According to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), house plants really do help your health. Research suggests they help with well-being and productivity. So whether that’s a plant on your desk or a windowsill full of greenery in the kitchen, it’s worth investing.  

The wellbeing benefits have been shown to span both mental wellbeing and physical health. From improved mood and reduced stress to increased attention span and speed of reaction in computer tasks. Who knew? 

From a physical point of view, having indoor plants has been shown to reduce blood pressure and reduce fatigue and headaches (by 20-25% in one study!). 

Where to put your indoor plants

Hanging from the ceiling, popped in a corner or perched on every windowsill, the options for where to put your houseplants are as varied as the choice of the plant itself.  

Choose from handmade macrame hanging pot holders if you want to use your vertical space. Or look for plant pots in independent shops or market stalls to add a touch of personality. You can almost always pick up budget versions in supermarkets too.  

You can get a plant for every place, but typically you’ll find succulents like the Jade Plant and spider plants thrive in bathrooms, delicate trailing strings of pearls lap up a sunny windowsill, and of course, you can grow herbs and small salad leaves in the kitchen. Try growing mint for an easy-to-care-for herb with lots of ways uses.  

If you have a corner you’re looking to make a statement in, you could choose a large pot or a contemporary pot stand (another plant-related trend that’s making a comeback). Try a Yukka tree for a touch of the tropical, or pinstripe Calathea if you’re searching for something with more texture.  

What to buy if you’re the worst kind of plant-parent 

If your fingers are anything but green, there are still some options for plants which will withstand a bit of mean treatment.  

Any kind of cactus is willing to be ignored and will still do its job of providing texture and some greenery. As the name suggests, a Cast Iron Plant (AKA aspidistra) is pretty hard to kill. It’s structural and features sword-like broad green leaves. It can survive in deep shade but isn’t a fan of direct sunlight or extreme cold. It’s also pet-friendly.  

Any child of the 80s is likely to remember spider plants, which seemed to hang from every living room ceiling. They’ve also made a comeback and will be great sitting on a high shelf or suspended from a ceiling. The baby “spiders” it produces can be planted to make new ones and it can manage for some time without regular watering, but would need a good drink once you remember.  

To be a better plant-parent, pick a day of the week to always do your watering. You’ll be less likely to forget if it’s something you do at the same time on the same day.  

Pet-friendly house plants 

If you have pets in your shared ownership home, you’ll need to be aware that some plants don’t play nicely with them. When researching, check the details about the plant you’re thinking of. And be mindful if you have a boy-dog that indoor plants in pots on the floor can look much like bushes outdoors, inviting the inevitable!  

If you have cats, you’ll probably know whether kitty is going to play with a plant on a high shelf, knock it off, or leave it well alone, but at least if you buy something labelled pet-friendly you’ll have peace of mind.  

Where to buy the best indoor plants 

A raft of online plant suppliers has bloomed, with Beards and Daises a popular site, and  Happy House Plants advertising budget-friendly versions. 

But you can also often find plants at your local market at purse-friendly prices. And any nearby garden centre will also have a good selection of houseplants, plus experts to chat to about what might work for your home.  

Whether you’re looking for just one carefully-chosen plant or to create your own urban jungle, the best indoor plants for your apartment in 2024 is the one you decide to buy – what are you waiting for? 

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