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How can GECKO help me with shared ownership?

Here’s Harry’s shared ownership story. He bought a two-bedroom flat in one of our developments in South Manchester after his relationship broke down. In one word, he describes his GECKO experience as “stability”, as that’s what he’s got in his new home.

The background to buying through shared ownership

Harry needed a place pretty quickly after coming out of a relationship where he had a son and a mortgage. He needed somewhere for him, his son and his dog Donnelly to live.

He looked at a GECKO development and had been told by his financial advisor that he’d be able to afford one of the two-bedroom homes. But when he looked more closely it turned out he couldn’t quite afford one. Harry thought that was the end of the chances of him living there.

But behind the scenes, the GECKO team had been working on whether there could be another option, and two days later Harry got a call offering him the former show flat at a price which meant he could afford it.

How did he hear about shared ownership?

Harry’s former partner found out about GECKO Homes after looking for places he could afford to move to. Harry was soon checking out the options as he needed somewhere fast while staying local for his son’s school.

He was chuffed to be able to move in quickly – completing the whole process in less than two months. Harry says he isn’t much into decorating or DIY, so was happy to be turning the key on a home of his own and starting to put down roots.

What’s the best thing about Harry’s new home?

“As basic as it sounds,” says Harry, “The two bedrooms are the best thing as I don’t think I’d get something of this standard anywhere else in this area. The ensuite is pretty good, and the fact it’s a new building.

“It’s the best-case scenario for me at this point in my life. It’s given me stability. I’m paying into a mortgage, so you’ve got that on your side. It’s given me a nice flat where I’ve got some roots for my boy and a long-term feeling of stability.”

Harry also likes the roof terrace on his building, where he takes his son with his scooter so he can zip about safely and plans to have food up there in the summer.

What’s Harry’s advice for people thinking about buying through shared ownership?

In typical Manchester fashion, Harry doesn’t mince his words, saying: “It might not be plain sailing!” He highlighted snagging in new properties and that things can’t always be perfect when you move in, despite it being a new build. “But you’re essentially getting a great flat and a great location,” Harry adds.

About shared ownership and having a home to call his own, Harry says: “Obviously there are people in worse situations but it’s easy to feel forgotten about when you’ve got a job. I wouldn’t be able to afford a normal mortgage, so it’s ideal for me.”

If you’re struggling to afford a home of your own, shared ownership could be the perfect answer – contact the friendly GECKO team today to explore your options, or check out our available properties.

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    The decision is yours

    Shared Ownership

    So, there you have it. Shared Ownership can be a fantastic opportunity, but it’s not without its considerations. It’s all about what works best for you and your circumstances. Remember, every cloud has a silver lining, and every property decision has its pros and cons.

    Shared Ownership