The Foundry, Monton | Our Response


The Foundry, Monton Aftercare

We agree that what’s happened at The Foundry isn’t good enough and are putting time and money into fixing the issues and working with residents. All of the people whose homes have been directly affected are happy with our response so far.

We’re sorry if you’ve not had a good experience. If you still have an aftercare issue, email us on with the title “The Foundry” and we’ll prioritise getting back to you.

What are you doing about problems with pipes at The Foundry?

We’ve worked quickly to make sure affected people who need it have an alternative place to stay. Just two homes were affected this badly. We have brought in an expert plumbing company to assess the building and provide recommendations. We’ll do the work needed to make sure any issues are properly sorted so people who live there are confident in their home.

Residents reported issues with noisy plumbing before the leaks. Why didn’t you do anything about that?

Our aftercare hasn’t been good enough on this occasion. We’re currently recruiting two new people who will be dedicated to looking after people in Gecko homes, along with investing in a new system to log and track all issues so we can make sure they’re sorted. We’ll be looking carefully at other reports from Gecko homeowners to make sure we haven’t missed anything else.

Hasn’t there been two leaks?

Yes. We’ve worked with the people affected and kept homeowners who lives at The Foundry updated using a WhatsApp group and by email. We’ve now brought in an independent plumbing company to make recommendations about what needs fixing to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Are the problems at The Foundry an indication of the overall building standard of your homes?

We have high standards for all our developments. Where they aren’t met, we will step in to protect people who live in them and deal with the technicalities of who pays the bill separately. This is what we’ve done at The Foundry.

What are you doing to support affected residents at The Foundry?

We’ve arranged and paid for alternative places to live for two residents, and agreed with another that the leak in their cupboard will be sorted as a priority. We’ve set up a WhatsApp group for easy communication and emailed and spoken to everyone who’s been in touch. Our Assistant Director of Development and our Sales and Marketing Manager were at The Foundry on the 15th May to speak to people in person.

What are you doing to stop future problems with plumbing at The Foundry?

We’ve brought in an independent plumbing company to assess the building and recommend what needs to be done. We’ll have their report on Wednesday (15/05) and will get to work on the recommendations straight away. This isn’t the standard we expect from us at Gecko Homes and we’ll make sure to put everything right with minimum disruption.

I think there are similar problems at my Gecko home. Who can I tell?

Send an email to with the Subject title “Aftercare” and we’ll get back to you as a priority.